Sewing for Mommy and Baby!

I made a jacket/cover up for my daughter-in-layaway!


I also made a onesie for my Little Man!


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New Blog

I started a new blog just for this grandson of mine!

I want to get back into blogging about the things I make, so I’ll do that here.

I also want to blog about my beautiful grandson and my granddaughter who is expected in late December.

I will do that over here.


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My First Grandbaby!

Meet Little Man:


He is my first grandchild.  He was born 5 weeks early, and he has Down Syndrome.  He was delivered early because he had fluid in his lungs, and he had edema (fluid under his skin).  Before his birth, the doctors prepared us.  They said he would have a chest tube put in immediately to drain his lungs, and they weren’t sure how long it would have to stay in, but it could be a while.  They said they would have to drain the edema and watch it carefully.  If it came back, that could be an indication of a serious issue.  They said that because of his Down Syndrome, he could have any number of problems:  heart problems, low muscle tone, eye problems, hearing issues, etc.  they really prepared us for the worst possible scenario.  Then he was born.  They used a syringe to drain the fluid from his lungs, and there was only a little.  No chest tube was needed.  ImageImageImage

The edema? completely dissipated on its own.  No extra measures were needed.  Heart problems?  A tiny opening that all babies are born with was a little larger in him.  Nothing needs to be done except cardiologist every few months to make sure.  He has some hearing loss due to fluid in his ear canals.  That will either clear up on its own, or he will have tubes put in later.  he does have low muscle tone, but we will work on that with special exercises.  And he has no eye problems so far.  I mean, look at those big beautiful eyes!


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A Jacket, A Tunic, and Hal

Last night I sewed a jacket for myself. It is out of a really nice silk-like material that drapes beautifully. I think I may have cut it a little too short, however, because I’m not sure I like the way it hangs on me.



This is not me, by the way. Meet Hal.

Hal is my mannequin. I tried and tried to get a female mannequin, but the only one I could find (in my price range) was a male. His name is Hal. With an old bra of mine and some socks to fill it out, he serves my purposes, which is to model things that I knit and sew.


Tonight I needed to wait up late to go pick my husband up at the airport at an ungodly hour. To keep myself occupied while waiting, I sewed myself a tunic.

I think I’ll wear it to go pick him up.

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Fixed my oops, and now I have to make a blanket!

My daughter and her boyfriend and I went out to eat this afternoon. On our way back home, I wanted to stop off at the fabric store to get the fabric I needed to make my older daughter’s sleep pants. While we were there, daughter’s boyfriend brings me a bolt of camouflage fleece and wants to know if I can make a blanket for him to take hunting with him. Some discussion about size later, he bought the yardage, and I have to make him a blanket. It will NOT be a quilt!

I did get the yardage I needed for my daughter’s sleep pants.


That daughter has recently moved to Alaska. From Virginia. And she has a dog. A tiny, tiny dog. (toy rat terrier) Who hates being cold. So I thought I would also make him something for this winter. And I thought I would make it out of the same material I’m making her sleep pants out of. They can match! They can take a picture, and send it to me, and I will most definitely post it on awkward family photos! Seriously, though, I have to do SOMETHING with that extra yardage I have of that fabric, right?


So, after a bit of sewing this evening, I began to feel overconfident in my ability because this is my third time making this pattern. I know what I’m doing, right? I don’t need to pay that much attention.

That’s right, I sewed it together right sides out instead of right sides together! So I ripped out that entire SERGED seam and resewed it. It came out better the second time around.

Turn the waistband, hem the pant legs, thread through the elastic and the drawstring, and

We have pants! Sleep pants!

Tomorrow I think I will work on a dress for my granddaughter.

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I went to the fabric store yesterday to buy fabric to make some sleep pants for my older daughter. I had written down the yardage that I needed, bought the fabric and brought it home. This morning I laid it out with the pattern to cut it out, and discovered that I had bought the amount needed for sleep shorts instead of pants. Not enough here for the pants, no matter how I refold the fabric. I have tried it different ways, and it just isn’t working! I guess a trip back to the fabric store in in the cards for this afternoon.


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Knit Night and Impromptu Sewing

I went to knit night tonight. One of the ladies wasn’t there, but we did have an extra. A lady who had moved away a few years ago was back in town for tonight, so she joined us for our little get together. It was nice seeing her again! The ladies (and girls!) who work at the sandwich shop we use for our knit night have really gotten to know us now, so it makes it really nice. 🙂

On my way back home I was thinking about sewing. I thought about it the whole way home, so there was nothing to do but to cut out a pattern and get to it. I used a pattern that is supposed to be for a sleep top, but I made it to wear to work. The pattern was for a tank top, so I made the shoulders a bit wider. Shoulder seams, side seams, then hemmed the neck, armholes, and bottom edge, and voila’, I have a new top for work! I think it took me about an hour to do, start to finish. I threw it in the washer along with the rest of my clothes as soon as I finished with it so that I can wear it tomorrow, so I didn’t get a picture of it. I’ll try to get one tomorrow.

Since I don’t have any pictures to go with my post for today, how about a funny?


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