Fixed my oops, and now I have to make a blanket!

My daughter and her boyfriend and I went out to eat this afternoon. On our way back home, I wanted to stop off at the fabric store to get the fabric I needed to make my older daughter’s sleep pants. While we were there, daughter’s boyfriend brings me a bolt of camouflage fleece and wants to know if I can make a blanket for him to take hunting with him. Some discussion about size later, he bought the yardage, and I have to make him a blanket. It will NOT be a quilt!

I did get the yardage I needed for my daughter’s sleep pants.


That daughter has recently moved to Alaska. From Virginia. And she has a dog. A tiny, tiny dog. (toy rat terrier) Who hates being cold. So I thought I would also make him something for this winter. And I thought I would make it out of the same material I’m making her sleep pants out of. They can match! They can take a picture, and send it to me, and I will most definitely post it on awkward family photos! Seriously, though, I have to do SOMETHING with that extra yardage I have of that fabric, right?


So, after a bit of sewing this evening, I began to feel overconfident in my ability because this is my third time making this pattern. I know what I’m doing, right? I don’t need to pay that much attention.

That’s right, I sewed it together right sides out instead of right sides together! So I ripped out that entire SERGED seam and resewed it. It came out better the second time around.

Turn the waistband, hem the pant legs, thread through the elastic and the drawstring, and

We have pants! Sleep pants!

Tomorrow I think I will work on a dress for my granddaughter.

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