A Jacket, A Tunic, and Hal

Last night I sewed a jacket for myself. It is out of a really nice silk-like material that drapes beautifully. I think I may have cut it a little too short, however, because I’m not sure I like the way it hangs on me.



This is not me, by the way. Meet Hal.

Hal is my mannequin. I tried and tried to get a female mannequin, but the only one I could find (in my price range) was a male. His name is Hal. With an old bra of mine and some socks to fill it out, he serves my purposes, which is to model things that I knit and sew.


Tonight I needed to wait up late to go pick my husband up at the airport at an ungodly hour. To keep myself occupied while waiting, I sewed myself a tunic.

I think I’ll wear it to go pick him up.

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