My First Grandbaby!

Meet Little Man:


He is my first grandchild.  He was born 5 weeks early, and he has Down Syndrome.  He was delivered early because he had fluid in his lungs, and he had edema (fluid under his skin).  Before his birth, the doctors prepared us.  They said he would have a chest tube put in immediately to drain his lungs, and they weren’t sure how long it would have to stay in, but it could be a while.  They said they would have to drain the edema and watch it carefully.  If it came back, that could be an indication of a serious issue.  They said that because of his Down Syndrome, he could have any number of problems:  heart problems, low muscle tone, eye problems, hearing issues, etc.  they really prepared us for the worst possible scenario.  Then he was born.  They used a syringe to drain the fluid from his lungs, and there was only a little.  No chest tube was needed.  ImageImageImage

The edema? completely dissipated on its own.  No extra measures were needed.  Heart problems?  A tiny opening that all babies are born with was a little larger in him.  Nothing needs to be done except cardiologist every few months to make sure.  He has some hearing loss due to fluid in his ear canals.  That will either clear up on its own, or he will have tubes put in later.  he does have low muscle tone, but we will work on that with special exercises.  And he has no eye problems so far.  I mean, look at those big beautiful eyes!


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One Response to My First Grandbaby!

  1. pamelaholko says:

    I wish you much joy as you and your precious grandson get to know each other.

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