A few new things

Finished knitting my steering wheel cover last night! Love it! Love the fact that I can maybe stop burning the crap out of my hands now during the 1000 degree heat of our days!


Yesterday I made Coryn a pair of sleep shorts.


They were out of the same fabric that I had used for my sleep pants, so now we can match!

(if you look really closely, you’ll notice that the dogs on my pants go sideways, and the dogs on the shorts go up & down)

Today I made a new top for myself. It is the same pattern that I had used twice before for myself, but for whatever reason, this time, the top is a tiny bit tight on me. WTF?


In the mood for a little funny?


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So in addition to my knitting, I have also been sewing. I have made myself a couple of tops,



a couple of jackets (that I haven’t taken pictures of yet), a dress for little Nya,

and a pair of sleep pants.


On the knitting side, I have finished my color affection shawl,

but I haven’t taken any finished pictures of it yet. (bad, bad, me! It’s been finished for about a month now!)

I have also started the Stephen West Mystery Shawl Knit Along.

That’s been fun, but it has been keeping me very busy! I barely finish each clue when the next clue comes out (they get posted each Friday).

I also just recently started knitting a steering wheel cover for my car because I am tired of burning the crap out of my hands every time I get in my car during the day! It is just too hot here to not have something on it.

My latest sewing project has been a pair of sleep pants for myself.


I have enough of the fabric left over that I think I will make Coryn a pair of sleep shorts out of it also. It is a really cute fabric with dogs all over it.

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Updates, some new cast ons, and Other News

Updates: there have been far too many to list in this one post, so the last two knitting FOs were a shawl and a cardigan.

The DragonWing Shawl I named Drogon because the colors that I used conjured up images of Daenerys Targeryon’s dragon of that name in the Game of Thrones book series.

The cardigan is the Emerald Isle Cardigan pattern from KnitScene from Fall 2009. I named it Sansa’s Blood Red.

Sensing a theme? I am really close to finishing the last book that has thus far been published, and I DON’T WANT IT TO END!!!!!

New cast ons:

I have joined the bandwagon for the Color Affection shawl.

I had originally thought I would use dark blue, sage green, and dark green as my colors.

I started with the blue, then did the first set of stripes with the blue and the sage

then when I got to the three color section, I added in the dark green. I did quite a few rows of it like that before deciding that I really didnt like it. I ripped out that section and swapped the dark green for a dark brown so that it has a lot more contrast in it. I like that a lot better!

I also started another pair of socks. These are in a light grey color and the pattern is called Flame Wave, or something like that. I must blog about my pet peeve with sock patterns. They really irritate me. Not the patterns themselves so much, but the sizing of most sock patterns. More to come on that later.

In other news, I bought a sewing machine and fully intend to use it!

I have used it to make myself one tank top and am in the process of making another one.

You know, just something simple to reintroduce myself to sewing. It has been a while, after all.

That’s all for now.
Note to self: BLOG MORE!!

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